TV Tech to Enhance the Experience

July 12th, 2013 by admin

Have you heard about the newest technology that’s headed straight to your home? Sites like are going on and on about the Genie, there’s the Roku, just so much. There are also these pieces of software. Companion apps are what they’re called, and these mobile devices keep you connected and provide you extra information about what’s on TV without taking away from your big screen. Turn on your iPad or smartphone and you’ll find yourself in a brave, new world.

Among the features of companion apps are the ability to post to social networks, chat live with friends, view clothing and accessories that the stars are wearing and view exclusive content about your favorite TV shows. If you’re already a member of sites like GetGlue, which allows you to check in and earn “stickers” for tuning in, then you’ll enjoy that aspect of companion apps on the way!

Companion apps aren’t exactly new, but they’re really starting to take off. Cable and satellite providers as well as broadcasting channels are among the groups pushing this newest trend. Even companies from across the pond are getting in the action, so you might ask about these programs the next time you head to a TV site to sign up for a plan, troubleshoot your service or just see what’s available for you.

A decade ago, experts thought that similar service would be available through your TV’s picture-in-picture function, but while nearly every set uses this technology, it just never picked up like that. You’re likely to enjoy the touch screen on your tablet or phone a little more than navigating by remote control anyway.

These days, it is easy to connect with family members no matter where they are. Live video chats are now widely available on smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and desktop computers. High definition cameras capture great quality videos that allow you to clearly see your relatives while talking to them in real time. Many smartphones and tablets are compatible with apps that allow you to connect to live video chats in a matter of seconds.

Sending text messages and sharing instant photographs with family is also possible with the Read the rest of this entry »

USB 3.0 is a great new piece of technology. USB 3.0 allows you much faster speeds with your favorite devices. USB 3.0 hard drives will see large speed increases. The increase in speed with USB 3.0 hard drives makes them on par with internal hard drives. Most USB 3.0 hard drives are portable. Portable hard drives allow you to share data quickly and easily.

USB 3.0 also boosts speeds for other devices using USB. The boost in speed allows for much higher quality devices. USB 3.0 Read the rest of this entry »

How New Motion Sensing Video Games Work

June 12th, 2012 by admin

While it might seem magical, the new motion sensing video games work with new updated technical software. The motion detection is usually a mix of the camera and it’s sensor chip, middleware’s imaging software and the games systems processors work together to create an interactive video game or be fully involved with web browsing.

The camera generates a moving three-dimensional image of an object or person and can recognize moving people among a group of objects. To do this the camera uses an Read the rest of this entry »

The selection of gaming consoles is plentiful. Here are some tips in help you with finding the right gaming platform for your kids.

The age of your children will help you narrow your platform search. You want to know what kind of games will appeal to them now. Of course you would like to also have the same game system for when they get older, that is not necessarily going to be the case. As they age kids will have different preferences for a gaming platform usually meaning a platform upgrade. Also Read the rest of this entry »

How the Technology World is Now Going Green

August 20th, 2011 by admin

The technology world has been recently making efforts to go green and help to save the environment. One way the technology world has achieved this is by creating eco-friendly cell phones. Manufactures started using recycled materials to craft their devices as early as 2010.

Motorola was the first to release a phone that was made with mostly recycled plastics. The model W233 (Renew) was released in 2010 and came with a body that was made with recycled Read the rest of this entry »

Picking out the perfect gift for a gadget lover can be a lot of fun. There are always a lot of new gadgets to choose from. Let’s take a look at five perfect gifts for gadget lovers.

The first gift that you can get them is a tablet. These cool little devices are becoming very popular and they come in different sizes and have different features. Tablets also come in a variety of price ranges.

Netbooks are also a great gift for a gadget lover. These computers are Read the rest of this entry »

Top TV Accessories

July 18th, 2011 by

So you’ve sprung for the latest plasma or big screen and you want to trick it out with the hottest accessories on the market…so what are they? Here are our picks for the must have for your big fat TV…
Satellite: If you want all the best channels and a few that are more obscure than we care to mention, get yourself a satellite package from a provider like You’ll get NFL Ticket and all the hottest games as well as Read the rest of this entry »

In a world that is strictly driven by technology and all of its counterparts, it’s no wonder why virtual gaming has become so popular. Thousands of games exist and create the ability to have fun in a different way that is truly unique.

With these games however, comes necessary equipment to enhance your experience.

Speakers and top of the line gaming monitors are all obvious parts to make your gaming experience among the best, but what about Read the rest of this entry »

The office has changed significantly in the past few decades. Technology has replaced many of the tasks that used to take hours and many people, allowing businesses to move in new directions and create new profit streams. Some of these gadgets are things that a new generation of workers would be lost without.

Cell Phones

Smart phones have made the phone more than just a talking tool. Email, text messaging and the internet are now at your fingertips, allowing people to work away Read the rest of this entry »